Tips for Maintenance

Routine Cleaning
Use the finish manufacturer's or prefinished floor manufacturer's recommended cleaning system. Always use a cleaner that will not leave a residue which would inhibit bonding and recoating. Never wax a urethane floor. Generally, do not wet a wood floor with water. When using any wood floor cleaner which requires mixing with water, follow directions precisely. A cloth dampened with water and squeezed dry may be used to wipe up food and spills. Dry the area immediately. Heel or scuff marks and stubborn stains may be removed by lightly rubbing the area with a cloth and a wood floor cleaner.

Long Term Care
Polyurethane finishes will eventually show wear patterns from surface scratching. When high traffic areas begin to look dull, it is time to recoat the floor.

Save your floor from future sandings by recoating a floor when it looks dull but before the finish wears through to the bare wood. If you wait until the bare wood is showing, you may ruin the floor forever. Recoating is quick and inexpensive compared to a complete resanding so keep your floor looking new and call when it's time to recoat.

Maintenance for All Wood Floors
  • Every floor must be dust mopped, vacuumed, or swept with a soft bristle broom daily, or as often as necessary, to remove grit and dust from the surface.
  • Place mats or throw rugs at all exterior entrances. This will capture much of the harmful dirt before it reaches the floor. Shake out or vacuum frequently.
  • Floor protector pads of soft felt should be placed on the bottoms of furniture legs to prevent scratches to the surface. Floor protectors must be kept clean of grit and replaced periodically.
  • High heels must be kept in good repair. An unprotected tip will damage any hardwood floor.
  • Kitchen floors experience the most traffic of any floor. Place throw rugs or mats in front of sinks and stoves to prevent premature wear. Clean them frequently.
  • Keeping the relative humidity in your home between 30% and 60% will maintain the moisture in the floor and minimize cracks between the boards.